This is a band led by Noah Michael. It's a song factory. It's about understanding the mysterious gift inside of you. Releasing 114 songs isn't enough! Noah is almost done the 5th Album, entitled Entropy! It is 20 tracks long and weaves together all previous styles explored while forging a new pathway. It's a concept album about the history of the universe, from before the big bang, and up until the heat death of the universe. The main character is a molecule.

We have completed the "FOUR EPs" project. They are all available for listening! In order they are a; Live Split with the Edmonton band Moth Priest, Hip-Hop Collaboration with OdderOtter, Collection of songs made entirely on a YAMAHA PSR-248, and 2nd Hip-Hop Collaboration with OdderOtter.

Dylan, Skyler and Noah hit the road from August 2nd to September 1st, their longest ranging tour EVAR taking them from Quebec City to Vancouver, and everywhere in between! IILS;YLS is currently planning their next moves and tours. Please stay tuned for further announcements!

Connor, Eric and Noah hit the road from August 17th to the 27th 2016 to spread the love and play songs from their first 4 albums!


All those EPs and other official releases, (4 Full Albums, 4 EPs, 1 Remix, 1 Single, and 1 Compilation) are here:

A random assortment of Loops, Demos, and singles made with friends go here:

Various news posts and discussions about the band including Recording, Shows, and Lineup are on Tumblr and Facebook: