Current Projects

Noah play many instruments in many band! How he have room in brain? Ayla not know! Look below to see Noah's current bands!:



  • If I Look Strong; You Look Strong (Every Instrument, Composer) A pleasing and eclectic mix of sounds and genres led by Noah himself!

  • Gareth Lukes (Drums) Indie Rock and Roll with Pop sweetness and sensibility.

  • F***BOY (Guitar, Vocals, Co-Composer) The WORST band in Calgary! You do NOT want to hear this!

  • Young Neighbours (Drums, Production) Cinematic, Experimental Indie-Rock led by Eric Pauls.

  • Blink-183 (Bass, Vocals) Three piece Blink-182 tribute.

  • Fox Opera (Drums, Keyboards, Backup-Vox) Intricately Technical Cutesy Indie about the Ocean.

  • F***WORLD (Synth, Production, Co-Composer) Avant-Garde, Post-Grindcore bursts of insane noise.

  • Hurricane Felix and the Manik Men (Drums) Psychobilly, Surf, and Punk led by Hurricane Felix.

  • Eunuch Design (Various Instruments, Improvisation) Avant-Noisique Spontaneous Composition.

  • Triophobia (Various Instruments) Trad Jazz