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This is a band led primarily by Noah Michael. It's a song factory. It's about understanding the mysterious gift inside of you. Dylan Gibbs has recently reinvigorated the project by joining on drums whilst Eric Andrews and Connor Scott continue as guest performers. 

Currently, they are nearing the end of their "FOUR EPs" project. Three are currently available for listening! In order they are a; Live Split with the Edmonton band Moth Priest, Hip-Hop Collaboration with OdderOtter, Collection of songs made entirely on a YAMAHA PSR-248, and soon to be released 2nd Hip-Hop EP.

Connor, Eric and Noah hit the road from August 17th to the 27th 2016 to spread the love and play songs from their first 4 albums! IILS;YLS is currently planning their next moves and tours. Please stay tuned for further announcements!


All those EPs and other official releases, (4 Full Albums, 3 EPs, 1 Remix, 1 Single, and 1 Compilation) are here: https://ifilookstrongyoulookstrong.bandcamp.com/

A random assortment of Loops, Demos, and singles made with friends go here:


Various news posts and discussions about the band including Recording, Shows, and Lineup are on Tumblr and Facebook: http://iilsyls.tumblr.com/




Current Projects

Noah play many instruments in many band! How he have room in brain? Ayla not know! Look below to see Noah's current bands!:



  • If I Look Strong; You Look Strong (Every Instrument, Composer) A pleasing and eclectic mix of sounds and genres led by Noah himself!

  • Gareth Lukes (Drums) Indie Rock and Roll with Pop sweetness and sensibility.

  • F***BOY (Guitar, Vocals, Co-Composer) The WORST band in Calgary! You do NOT want to hear this!

  • Young Neighbours (Drums, Production) Cinematic, Experimental Indie-Rock led by Eric Pauls.

  • Blink-183 (Bass, Vocals) Three piece Blink-182 tribute.

  • Fox Opera (Drums, Keyboards, Backup-Vox) Intricately Technical Cutesy Indie about the Ocean.

  • F***WORLD (Synth, Production, Co-Composer) Avant-Garde, Post-Grindcore bursts of insane noise.

  • Hurricane Felix and the Manik Men (Drums) Psychobilly, Surf, and Punk led by Hurricane Felix.

  • Eunuch Design (Various Instruments, Improvisation) Avant-Noisique Spontaneous Composition.

  • Triophobia (Various Instruments) Trad Jazz



New Music Recordings

Noah created his studio in August 2014! It is called New Music Recordings!

If you are looking to capture your sounds please let him assist you! He’s recorded Punk/Metal, Indie, Hard, and Progressive Rock, Acoustic Guitar/Singing, and tons of other mysterious tones! He feels very comfortable recording whatever! Recordings made by Noah have been used as successful Sled Island applications, as well as review garnering albums for media-sources like Beatroute, The New Lo-Fi, and Sputnikmusic. His most recent recording, Fox Opera, was just played on the BBC! Type your information into this field and I will relay it to him via the biological field in Zebes.

Here are the results:

Fox Opera

The Oceania Tenor

Young Neighbours



How many Songs and/or Minutes are you wanting to record?

Visual Art


A 2017 update from the octopus king: The main way to view Noah's new art is through his Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/noahmichael There is 1 new image coming every month and that is the only way to see it! Come give uncle Ulty a hug!

Listen up muscle-heads! Noah’s visual art career began in 2011 with various pens and sketches! He now uses various mediums including Pen, Pencil, Marker, Pencil Crayon, Collage, Acrylic Paint, Mixed-Media Techniques, as well as Digital Manipulation! If you wanna keep up with his art, consider becoming his Patreon!  Check out some of his complete pieces below! And remember kids, don’t tease the octopus! FUNGAHHHHHH!!!



Noah's friend Keegan showed him MegaZeux when he was has 7 or 8 and he has been experimenting since then! Noah's developing skill has culminated in three full length games. Download the Program and the game files to play them!

Noah is currently working in a new program for an, as of yet, undisclosed project!


download this program to play the games please!

Malardy (2012)

join the protagonist in Malardy whilst using your wits to survive

Morning Star (2008) (Audio)

christian allegory of a fall from grace

That’s Odd... (2004)

Abstract journey dealing with Time Loops

SNES - Illusion of Gaia - Neils Cottage.png

Non-Minutiae Records

Noah started a record label called Non-Minutiae Records by releasing the 3rd album of If I Look Strong; You Look Strong in 2014. This release employed a varied synthesized sound! Non-Minutiae Records have recently released NMR02 FUCKWORLD 1ST S/T during Sled Island 2015! The 4th If I Look Strong; You Look Strong Full-Length, COMFORTLESS AURAL FILTH FOR UNRELENTING EAR PUNISHMENT is available at live shows and the Webstore! I'm excited for the new sounds! The recent two releases of Ghost Factory and FUCKWORLD/Super-Malevolent Deity are available online and at shows in Calgary. We are planning and scheming our next releases!

Releases are listed below!


NMR01 If I Look Strong; You Look Strong - (Say Band Name in Robot Voice) 2014

16 songs, 54 minutes, 100 copies on Ecopack CD with Full-Color 4-Panel artwork. HALF SOLD OUT

This Album is IILS;YLS 3rd Full-Length. Noah decided to leave behind his drums and guitars and hide away with his laptop to create a digital synthscape we could all enjoy! Each track is particularly inspired, and referenced obviously. He's summed up his enjoyment of RDJ, JSB, and 植松 伸夫 into a new and exciting sound! HIGH SCORE!!


28 songs, 6.5 minutes, 30 copies on handmade CDR with unique artwork for each copy. 2 COPIES LEFT

This album is FUCKWORLDs first Full-Length. They invented the genre Post-Grindcore so their songs could all be shorter than a minute. 7-20 seconds is common, with 45-50 seconds being the epics of the album. Local luminaries Liam Zanin (Vocals), Ethan Vilu (Drums), and Noah (Synth) team up and write out the songs on paper before attempting to perform them. For fans of The Locust, FULLOFHELL, Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Scab Addict, Merzbow and just generally noisy shit. They have played 1 show: Sled Island 2015


40 songs, 35 minutes, 300 copies on Black Vinyl with Full-Color art, Handwritten Lyrics, and Credit insert.

This album is IILS;YLS 4th Full-Length. Noah is at his darkest here, performing all the instruments and vocals, and taking on the genres of Grindcore, Heavy-Metal, Metalcore, Death Metal, PowerViolence, Harsh Noise, Crust, D-Beat and Black Metal. This record squashes rumours. Esoteric instruments (for Grindcore anyways) such as Saxophone, Violin, and Synthesizer are injected into the mixture. The live band containing Connor Scott (Drums) and Eric Andrews (Bass/Production) toured this release in the summer of 2015 and have plans to hit the road again soon!

NMR04 音楽逆襲世界へ - FUCKWORLD/Super-malevolent deity - 2016

24 songs, 10 minutes, 50 copies on Uniquely Colored Cassette with Double-Sided Paper-Cases for each copy.


This album is a split alllll the way from Japan! It sees Noise and Visual Art mastermind Heidy Youko teaming up with local Noise-Punkers FUCKWORLD. FUCKWORLDs 23 tracks see them at, simultaneously, their noisiest and cleanest yet. Bizarre synth squelches, impossibly-effected vocals, and punishing drums crash into samples and emotive song writing, as well as pure hilarity. Heidy Youko goes in just the opposite direction with an extremely loud burst of gibberish chanting, broken keyboards, and glitched out drum machines all presented in the idiom of noise. 

NMR05 Ghost Factory - Nothing Kid 2016

12 songs, 30 minutes, 150 copies on SlipCase CD with Full-Color artwork.


This album is the long, and I mean LONG awaited follow up to the amazing 2006 release Happy Good. Rob Gorezecki has been steadily and admirably building his perpetual finesse, fanbase, songwriting ability, and incredibly sarcastic stage banter ever since he debuted in bands like Voices and Yuckiest Prince back in 2005. After those projects dissolved Rob set out on his own to show his more tender side. His tender side is still really pissed off at times though. He recorded these sounds at Evius Studios so you know it sounds good! The songs are heartfelt (so heartfelt(seriously)) love/hate letters to parental abuse, alcoholism, and Okotoks. It borrows from Folk-Punk, Pop-Punk, and Math-Rock and comes up with a wholly new and devout sound. The other really cool part about this CD is when you buy it you get 10$ off the Vinyl 12" when it is released! So this CD counts towards the future purchase of the Full-Length. See you guys at the show!


7 songs, 21 minutes, 29 copies on DigiPack CD with 2-sided Tubular artwork.


Colin, Dylan, Jenny, and Nate found themselves coming onto the scene violently; Trashing, and ultimately, getting booed off stage at their first show. Since then (ancient history) they have been rocking 'n rolling, skating 'n sliding, combining equal parts FIDLAR, Nirvana, and Pixies, all whilst honing their pop songwriting craft. Each member adds a unique voice on their instrument which culminates in surfy tunes perfect to blaze to after a night of partying! Come snatch up one of the few 29 physical copies as there is a Compact Disc Exclusive track!

NMR07 If I Look Odder; You Look Otter - Maggoty Recombination 2017

4 songs, 13 minutes, 50 copies on CD with Full-Color artwork.


OdderOtter is welcomed aboard the Non-Minutiae Records family with this album! Boasting an impressive 8 albums released over 3 years, OdderOtter is a local MC and Producer whose extremely introspective, cultured, and esoteric lyrics often run on sentences like a DFW book. Suddenly If I Look Strong; You Look Strong had some hip-hop/trap tracks languishing with no vocalist! The idea for the 2 to work together was natural and instantaneous. Having already released the "WallPaper in Hell EP" over 1 year ago, this duo perfects and further hones their sound and brand with this 2nd release "Maggoty Recombination."





Chrono doesn’t talk much, but can link you to Noah’s YouTube channel!

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Past Bands

Just like my time in the imperial army, some things have to come to an end! These are some notable projects Noah played with in the past:


  • Fake Werewolves (Drums)

  • Pine Tarts (Lead Guitar, Backup Vocals)

  • Brocco (Co-Producer, Co-Composer, Vocals)

  • We are not Ghosts (Drums)

  • String of Infected Circles (Guitar, Backup-Vox, Production)

  • Consensual Acts (Guitar, Vocals)

  • Mercury Audio (Drums)

  • La Luna (Drums)

  • Travis Gaetz Band (Guitar)

  • The Plodes/Black Bieber (Guitar, Drums)

  • Brain Fever (Guitar, Backup-Vocals, Co-Composer)

  • ThunderBucket (Drums)

  • In Vacuo (Drums, Co-Composer)  

  • Defeat Tasted Nothing (Drums, Vocals, Co-Composer)

  • The Fifths (Guitar, Vocals, Co-Composer)

  • No Reason (First band with friends! We all switched instruments and sang and had fun)