Past Bands

Just like my time in the imperial army, some things have to come to an end! These are some notable projects Noah played with in the past:

  • Hurricane Felix (Drums)
  • Fake Werewolves (Drums)

  • Witch's Kiss (Guitar)

  • Gareth Lukes (Drums)

  • Pine Tarts (Lead Guitar, Backup Vocals)

  • Brocco (Co-Producer, Co-Composer, Vocals)

  • String of Infected Circles (Guitar, Backup-Vox, Production)

  • Consensual Acts (Guitar, Vocals)

  • Mercury Audio (Drums)

  • La Luna (Drums)

  • Travis Gaetz Band (Guitar)

  • The Plodes/Black Bieber (Guitar, Drums)

  • Brain Fever (Guitar, Backup-Vocals, Co-Composer)

  • ThunderBucket (Drums)

  • In Vacuo (Drums, Co-Composer)  

  • Defeat Tasted Nothing (Drums, Vocals, Co-Composer)

  • The Fifths (Guitar, Vocals, Co-Composer)

  • No Reason (First band with friends! We all switched instruments and sang and had fun)